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Beth Friedeberg counselling 

Hi, I'm Beth. I'm a UKCP-accredited Core Process Psychotherapist, and also offer facilitation, training and consultancy in the southwest, across England, and online. 

Each of us has something valuable to offer in the world - whether that's a specific gift or skill, or simply a quality of presence. Many things can block us from bringing ourselves fully, and from experiencing deep connection, enjoyment, and meaning in our lives. 

As I see it, we are living in a time of great challenge and upheaval, with many facing immense fear, pain and suffering. It is also a time of great potential for change and transformation, on a personal, collective and systemic level. 

I am passionate about supporting individuals, groups, and organisations to 'unfold' that is, to become 'more themselves'; to come into greater alignment with what they are here to do or bring; and to move towards a more easeful and fulfilling experience of life.  

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Welcome to

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About me

About me

I'm often left awestruck by the complexity and richness of the human experience - the fullness and intensity of the pain, as well as the joy, ease and fulfillment available to us. I’ve been working front-line in the charity sector for around a decade, supporting, amongst others, young people facing multiple disadvantage, people in prison, people in active addiction, and women impacted by the street sex trade. I’ve worked with individuals and groups in the capacity of support worker, mentor, life coach, trainer, facilitator, and psychotherapist, and have learnt a huge amount from the people I’ve worked with.   

In 2014 I began training in integrative arts psychotherapy at I.A.T.E., London, which involved going into therapy myself. I’d been doing ‘inner work’ for a few years, but this was my first experience of being in personal psychotherapy; and as I began, within the safe, attuned space of the therapeutic relationship, to explore my personal history and the parts of me that felt deeply wounded and broken, I also began to access a space of vibrant health and wholeness. I found myself strongly drawn to nondual teachings, and meditation and embodied mindfulness became an increasingly important part of my life. I decided to continue my training at The Karuna Institute, where I completed a 4 year Masters degree in Mindfulness-based Core Process Psychotherapy, and went on to accredit with UKCP 

My personal therapeutic journey underpins all the work I do, and leaves me with a deep, unshakable appreciation for the incredible capacity we humans have to heal and transform. Having gone into some very dark places myself, I have a deep level of empathy, and am committed to offering a safe, non-judgmental space, in which those I am working with feel able to bring all parts of themselves. 


In recent years I’ve trained in Reflective Practice facilitation, which I offer on a freelance basis, as well as consultancy and training around mental health. I’m also an associate trainer with The Training Exchange and Bristol-based youth homelessness charity, 1625 Independent People. Most recently I’ve completed a year-long training in transformational group-work facilitation with The Art of Love School, Berlin, which draws on somatic psychotherapy, tantra, and shamanic perspectives, and have begun offering workshops that bring together psychotherapeutic and alternative approaches to self-enquiry.

I offer therapy online, as well as in-person, in Tavistock. I offer training, facilitation and consultancy in the southwest, across the country, and online.  

Underpinning my approach


'I am so grateful for these sessions, Beth brought a grounded energy and sensitivity to the group which was really appreciated.'

— Dulcie (they/them), LGBTQ+ Homeless Caseworker

Contact Me  |  Tel: 07342 993463


Tavistock, and online for psychotherapy. 

Across the country & online for training, facilitation & consultancy. 

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Inherent Health

Trauma and adversity can cut us off from connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us. But no matter what we have experienced, at our core

we are inherently whole

and vibrant.

When working with people I'm not trying to 'fix' anyone; but rather, to support them to regain - or deepen into - connection with their inherent health, aliveness, and sense of what is right for them. 

Awareness around power

& privilege

I welcome clients of all skin colours, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and other other aspects of experience/identity. I'm on an ongoing journey of educating myself around the dynamics of power, privilege and oppression that weave through and underpin the structures we live within; and the deep pain and personal, collective, and inter-generational trauma often attached, that is so often unacknowledged or actively denied.


I welcome feedback, and am up for working with what comes up in relation to these themes. I strive to offer deep support and not cause harm, but will inevitably, at times, 'mess up'. I'm open to hearing when this happens, exploring the impact, and learning from the experience. 


Deepening our cognitive awareness and understanding is an important part of the process - whether in therapy, reflective practice, or a training session - but all too often the body is left out of the picture.


We are embodied beings, and bringing the body in and supporting people to connect more with their somatic experience is at the heart of how I work. Including the body supports deeper learning, growth and transformation. 

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