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I’ve worked with groups in a wide range of contexts over the past decade - from prisons to corporate offices to intentional communities - in the capacity of trainer and facilitator. This has included developing and delivering training, workshops, and courses to staff, volunteers and service users in the voluntary and corporate sector

I’ve completed various trainings over the years, including, most recently, a year-long course in transformational group-work facilitation. I’m an associate trainer with The Training Exchange and 1625 Independent People, and also offer consultancy and training on a free-lance basis, both in-person and online. Training sessions I offer cover topics including:

  • Emotional Regulation and the Nervous System

  • Understanding Trauma

  • Therapeutic Listening Skills

  • Domestic Violence

  • Resourcing & self-regulation 

Please contact me if you’d like to find out more. 

Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice is a held space in which teams of co-workers are supported to explore issues that are arising in the workplace, and to ‘get below the skin’, orienting to their emotional responses, and to the underlying dynamics that might be playing out. It’s a space in which we’re actively encouraged not to go straight into ‘problem-solving’ mode, but rather to give some space to what’s unfolding, which can sometimes feel edgy and uncomfortable. Deeper insight and more effective solutions often arise organically from the process. 


There is rapidly growing awareness of the need for such spaces, and evidence shows that Reflective Practice supports not only the well-being of those who take part, but also the quality of support or service they are able to offer, and consequently the well-being of clients or service users as well. Reflective Practice helps to foster a healthy working culture, in which co-workers feel able to bring themselves more fully, and to communicate with each other more clearly and compassionately. 

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My experience

I’ve taken part in Reflective Practice in various job roles over the years, and have found it immensely supportive. In December 2019 I trained in Reflective Practice Facilitation with 1625 Independent People, and since then have been facilitating Reflective Practice for front-line and leadership teams of a number of organisations. I also offer consultancy and training around embedding reflective practice in your organisation.


Please contact me for more information. 

Open training courses*

*Also available in-house

Training & Facilitation

Reflective Practice
Breathing Meditation

Fri 7th Dec 2023, 9:30 - 13:00

A half-day, in-person session in Bristol, through The Training Exchange

Drawing on a model from the field of neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, this course offers a clear framework for understanding how trauma impacts us at the level of the nervous system, which underpins our emotional landscape. It's an interactive session that explores themes like co-regulation and the links between nervous system dysregulation and addiction. It also offers practical tools for emotional regulation.

Dates tbc

4 half-day sessions, or 2 full days, through 1625 Independent People.

This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to facilitate Reflective Practice groups within their organisation. 

*must be able to attend all dates

Contact Me  |  Tel: 07342 993463


Tavistock and online for psychotherapy. 

Across the country & online for training, facilitation & consultancy. 

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